The CYBER DIPLOMACY CENTER is a unique initiative in Romania, whose main purpose is to expand cooperation and research to the diplomatic area, which necessarily complements the technological, economic and social developments in the cyber environment. The center cooperates with ministries and authorities with responsibilities both in diplomacy and in cyber security.

The Center works to propose and implement strategies, initiatives and actions in order to improve cybersecurity, promote peace and stability in the cyber environment by means of applying resources related to traditional diplomacy.

Our Priority

As this domain is constantly changing and evolving, cyber diplomacy must be a flexible tool, capable of adapting to this intense rhythm through the development of new applications and intersections: ICI’s Cyber Diplomacy Center addresses precisely these needs.


Managing the risks related to collective security and supporting good governance by using specific tools dedicated to relevant state and non-state actors.


Promoting the interests of relevant stakeholders from the cyber field by applying traditional diplomacy resources.

Proposal & Strategies

Drafting norms and strategies in areas like: Internet governance, prohibition of cyber criminality, the adequate response to cyber-threats and the protection of critical infrastructures.

International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy

The International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy – IJCD hosts an eclectic group of contributors, from cyber experts to diplomats, military and law enforcement representatives and contributes to the knowledge community that the National Institute of Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest has been building through its events, its partnerships and its publications.

International Conference of Cyber Diplomacy

The International Conference on Cyber Diplomacy encompassed two editions so far: "Building Global Digitalisation: Creating Trust & Security through Cyber Diplomacy" in 2022 and "Cyber Diplomacy and Beyond: New Perspectives in the Digital Era" in 2023. Both conferences aimed to enhance understanding, encourage collaboration, and address challenges and opportunities in the evolving field of cyber diplomacy.